Contact us

Hasse Horrigmoe

Haareksgt. 1 B

8514 Narvik


Phone: ( +47) 7694 7753


email: tangleedgeofficial@gmail.com





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Tangle Edge and The Dream Box:

For booking, promotion material, letters, requests and further information on TANGLE EDGE or Dream Box, please send us an email. Any thing you would like to tell us? Any comments, suggestions, or questions?

Mailing list:

Sign up for the Tangle Edge mailing list containing Tangle Edge information only and get the latest news about the band. If you are on our mailinglist you can win limited Tangle Edge prizes. Send us an email.

Dream Box credits:

Morten Qvam: Webmaster, pictures, idea, design, information, emails, Facebook and everything else from 1998 to the unforseeable future.
Hasse, Kjell Oluf, Ronald and Tom: Pictures, permission and information
Solve Horrigmoe: Background image 
 2002 Morten Qvam