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           ”COSMORAMA” (TEP 002)


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“Welcome to the new and second release on our own label (Tangle Edge Productions) consisting of high quality manufactured CDRs. I have to apologize that it is executed about one and a half year later than what we had originally intended.  This time we dug down in the archives and found the tapes from our concerts in Italy early autumn 1991 recorded by Jan Inge Sommerseth. Thinking that mid-90`, in spite of lots of interesting live-recording in the vaults, is so far well represented through “Sumerian Kings…”, the “transitional period” between the departure of Svein Hugo Bergvik in February 1991 and us becoming a trio again in our own right, has so far not been well enough documented, save for some of the tunes on “Entangled Scorpio Entrance”. We went to Italy with our old material re-arranged to work in a trio-concept. This meant that Ronald had to come up additional guitar work, mostly solo-parts, to fill in for the missing sax and flute, and I really think he did better than the former in all areas, save for the fact that some listeners always would argue that the addition of a fourth instrument would be a benefit to our sound. I do agree in theory, but in reality the essence of the performed music lies in the quality of how it is pulled of – not in the variation of instruments or players.

We also brought with us three long new compositions composed during the first half of that year; “Cancalam”, “ Beyond The Hills Of Inhibition” and a still unperformed, untitled tune that now only exists on a tape from the summer 1991 rehearsals. We performed none of these because we did not feel to sure about the monitoring and foreign P.A.-systems, though with the exception of “Durra Durra” and an embryonic version of “The Glorious `No Doubt`- Trilogy”, which at that time served as a conclusion to “Beyond…” before we replaced it with  “Eidolon” later in October. These two were part of the 30-minutes of encores which followed the two-hour performance in Dro. Anyway, at these concerts we went through a lot of our “old” material and from my point of view, these versions included here that`s repeated from “Entangled…” is a significant lot more intriguing. “Entangled..”, I would say, stands mainly as the introduction to what the new trio was up to through “Cancalam”, “Beyond..” and also “Dream Box”. All the tracks on “Cosmorama” is taken from the concert at “Caffe Mediterraneo” in Naples, except the bass solo on “Solorgy”, which is lifted from the gig at “Auditorium” in Dro, Trento. I personally insisted on that because it was my most energetic recorded effort on left on tape. The Dro concert was one of our most memorable gigs ever, the playing and the audience experience combined, but the overall recording quality of the event is inferior to the other Italian gigs.

Among the included numbers, I especially enjoy the wild energy of “Caesar`s Integrated Flaw”, “Sumerian King/Transcription From An Unknown Decade`s End” and the 18-minute long version of “Solorgy”. “Transcription…” features a drum solo by Kjell Oluf that I really can`t recall any equals of, at least when we`re speaking of the pre-1993 versions. It later developed into a different style, which is not easily comparable to this one.  “The Sun Of Tuesday” is a fairly strong version, which it also is on “Entangled..” During this period we had a great development on that one, and if my memory is right, our maximum versions unfortunately remains undocumented. As for “Walk Of The Frozen Ones”; it`s best post-quartet versions was those in Italy and you can hear one of them here. Listening back to recordings of old gigs still manages to surprise me, because at most times one tend to continually walk around with the perception that it all was just shit. When I went through the all these tapes, I also recognise that a lot from the concert at Ischia the day before Naples, will become a strong subject for release some time in the future. As for the hospitality and care-taking that the band experienced in Italy, we would very much like to take the opportunity to once again acknowledge the efforts of Mirco, Luisella, Fabritzio, Luca and James in the Riva Del Garda/Trento-area and Antonello who took care of the southern gigs. Like the last time, also for this release, Ronald came up with some suitable artwork and he has here included motives  from some of his personal  photo-shots from the tour.

Once again: ENJOY!!!!”

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2002 Morten Qvam