( TEPLP 4/5/6- Tangle Edge Production)
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LP 1:

 Introdius: Space Party
Broken Heroes Are Hard To Drown 
 New Refreshment
 Slow Essence
 The Game Watcher 
 Escapement For The Twangy-Man

 Excerpt From "Born To B.e.l.l."

LP 2:



 Scratches of Pain

 No Doubt/ Cutaway View 

 Banana Raincoat In The Chickengarden
 Floating Arts, Crawling Flutes 
Electrified Variasions Over "The Bore" 

 Cutaway View 


LP 3:


 Subjective Evaluation

 A Walk For The Hero's Guitar                                                   


 Creeping Midnight

 Deep- Swimming Hog

 Morning of The Scapegallow4 

 Outradius: Party Destroyed By Moskitoes





The band:
Hasse Horrigmoe:
bass guitar, penny whistle, bells
Ronald Nygard:
electric guitar, e-bow, drum-synthesizer, roto-toms, bells
Tom Steinberg:
drums, drum-synthesizer, ring-modulator and voice
Produced by Ronald Nygard and Hasse Horrigmoe.
All tracks composed by Ronald Nygard, Hasse Horrigmoe and Tom Steinberg. Recorded at Tangle Edge Studios Nov 19 th 1982 – August 3 rd 1983, with the exception of After The Sunset which is recorded live at Najaden, Harstad, Norway on November 3 rd 1983.Mixed by Ronald Nygard and Hasse Horrigmoe at Ronald`s April 12 th through November 22nd 2009.
All tracks are composed by Tangle Edge and are courtesy of Ronald Nygard, Hans Olav Horrigmoe and Tom Steinberg.Cover art by Ronald. Logos by Hasse. Band photos by Ronald and Tom. Special thanks to Jan Inge Sommerseth

 2002 Morten Qvam