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Finally, here after 27 years we are finally able to present the very first TANGLE EDGE album, for the first time in a proper and complete form! It has been nearly three decades since the six month plus-period that produced some very defining moments in the band`s history. From spring 1980 to spring 1982, Ronald, Tom and I had done quite a lot together, trying to develop our music. Then for about six months, Tom went away do other jobs, while we continued partly as a duo, partly with Rune Forselv playing drums. When Tom entered the band again, in late November 1982, the band immediately exploded and lifted itself to quite another level than any of our previous attempts. We had an extremely productive period throughout 1983, but the most significant period, lasted six months, when all of the included track, save for one live-piece and the short outro that concludes the album


These were exciting times, when the band reached a potential that surpassed our previous hopes or expectations. We found another way of doing things compared to what we had expected. Although it could be a painful experience to accept one`s own intuition versus any rational concept we were working after, we threw ourselves into this setting with the greatest enthusiastic attitude possible.1983- or shall we say; the mid-80`s - was probably the worst period commercially for any kind of progressive rock after the the genre`s birth. Only people like Fred Frith and Chris Cutler had serious projects going in these days. I remember Robert Wyatt and Hugh Hopper released a cassette, also Can`s Pre-Historic Future was only given a cassette form. Anyway, despite our own thrill about what we had completed, we did not bother to look for any record company, but did put it out on a cassette because the mastertapes had only been equalized on to the final master. We sold a few copies in Norway, and went on with new material, and it wasn`t until 1990, when we had become recognized for In Search Of A New Dawn , that Auricle in the U.K., re-released it.


Top put this in the context of  Top 40 development, I remember a few days after the first of these recording sessions, I watched TV, and to my great shock was exposed to a video of Culture Club doing Do You Really Want To Hurt Me and later in the spring around the days when the sessions was completed, TV again threw the equally horrible West End Girls  or was it East End by some guys calling themselves Pet Shop Boys. We obviously lived in our own world, fortunately.After Tangle Edge  in early 1991 went from quartet and back to a trio again, we took a look back and searched  the wild and adventurous Dropouts for inspiration again, and made us really go back and listen. We played Slow Essence live in the early 90s and created The Glorious No Doubt Trilogy from inspiration from No Doubt and also rehearsed a never played piece in 1991 where Broken Heroes Are Hard To Drown was included. The lochrian feel on Cancalam also came from re-exploring Dropouts .The success we achieved inside the prog-circles produced offers, first in 1993, when it was meant to be a triple LP on the Norwegian Colours-label and also in 1999, when it was planned as a double CD on U.K.`s  Delerium Records.


Today, we are happy that none of these were executed, because here we have an 180 gram pressing on clear vinyl, pressed by Europe`s leading pressing plant, Pallas in Germany. A double CD and a download version will follow later this year. Ronald and I spent a lot of time last year mixing the whole thing, so I am confident that we have the best sound quality possible.


As for the music, I suppose it will speak for itself. Some will find it more intense than most of our other efforts. It is, as usual, mostly guitar, bass and drums, although Tom uses some electronics on his drum kit – ring modulation and an envelope generator through a small P.A and also a small drum synthesizer attached to a tom tom. Ronald also uses a self-built drum synthesizer on one track. The attitude was to play something new all the time – isn`t it still so? It was an 100% equally contributing type of music, totally out of anyone`s control, at the same time the guy with the strongest start-up idea could set the standard, but it would mostly come out very different from anyone`s wishes. On the more far out tunes, I would say that Ronald and Tom mostly were, to a greater extent than myself, the driving force, probably because I did not use or possess any means for creating sustained notes, so I did not want to take any leads without any adequate means.  Well, enough details, here we have the most important Tangle Edge release since In Search Of A New Dawn and an album containing material that is of unmatched importance to the members of today`s line-up. Enjoy!

Hasse Horrigmoe June 2010

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