Entangled Scorpio Entrance
( Mushroom Productions: Mush CD1/2- 1992, fold- out sleeve)
( Colours: COTLP 011- 1992, booklet with history T.E., fold- out sleeve )
 Album reviews
The Cryptic Empire And The Principal Sanctuary
Walk of The Frozen Ones
              Part 1: An Ancient Message 
              Part 2: Escape The Hard Chamber 
              Part 3: The Revocation 
              Part 4: Ensorcelled Departure
The Sun of Thuesday
Beyond The Hills of Inhibition
              Part 1: Stygian Walls 
              Part 2: Yatantah 
              Part 3: Canopus and Hesperus 
              Part 4: Durra Durra 
              Part 5: Eidolon
Pieces of A Dream Box
Sumerian King/ Transcription From An Unknown Decade's End

The band:

Hasse Horrigmoe:
Kjell Oluf Johansen:
Drums, talking drum, turkish drum, log drum and percussion
Ronald Nygard:

 2002 Morten Qvam