(Demi Monde DMLP 1028 - 1993)
(Demi Monde DMCD 1029- 1993)
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Walk of The Frozen Ones 
              Part 1: An Ancient Conception 
              Part 2: Escaping The Hard Chamber 
              Part 3: The Revocation 
              Part 4: Ensorcelled Departure
The Cryptic Empire And The Principal Sanctuary 
Harem Shuffle 



The band:

Svein Hugo Bergvik:
Flute, bamboo flute and tenor saxophone
Hasse Horrigmoe:
Bass, acoustic 12- string guitar and bells
Kjell Oluf Johansen:
Drums, chinese cymbals and gongs
Ronald Nygard:
Electric guitar and acoustic 6- string guitars

 2002 Morten Qvam