The History


1978-79: Ronald Nygard and Hasse Horrigmoe writing experimental rock and blues in Narvik.

1980-81: Ronald and Hasse playing in the blues band called "Sentralvaskeriet", together with Kjartan Edvardsen (slide guitar and guitar) and Tom Steinberg (drums and vocals). This group built up a good reputation in nothern Norway by playing at festivals, jazz- clubs ect. At the same time the band without Kjartan, improvised experimental rock material, gave two virginal concerts in '81, before becoming the main activity of the members when the blues band disbanded summer '81.

1982: The band kept improvising and experimenting. Rune Forselv sat in on drums in May, August and September. Name changed to "Tangle Edge". Lots of material written. Tom back on drums in November.

1983: Intense improvising and experimenting. Mushroom Productions started with Tangle Edge's cassette release, "Improvised Drop Outs ". Recorded "Extracts From Lost Tangle" for radioprogram and "The Uncompleted Winter-Trip" for the first illegal TV-station in Norway. Only one concert this year. 

1984: More intense improvising and experimenting. Did one radioprogram by editing last year's improvisations, and some attempts to record an album during summer.

1985: Rune Forselv replaced Tom Steinberg in February. Recording and writing. Performing the long "Kama Sutra # 11" on stage in Narvik.

1986: Recording and rehearsing.  Much new material written.  Recorded "Kama Sutra # 11" for radioprogram, which was released as a promo-cassette "Radio Stroganoff 1986". Gig at Benoni, Narvik released as the cassette "Live In The Presence of Aprodite". Hasse played on Mental Glideflukt's cassette "M.G.".

1987: Recording and writing. "The Approaching Triptykhon Sunset" released as one-sided flexi disc with "Vinyl magazine". One concert only. Kjell Oluf Johansen and Svein Hugo Bergvik jammed with Ronald and Hasse at the musicians X-mas party in Narvik.

1988: Ronald and Hasse composed, recorded and mixed the last part of the  album for release '89. The new line-up: Ronald, Hasse, Svein Hugo and Kjell Oluf appeared in concert in Narvik in November. Rehearsals start.

1989: Writing and rehearsing all the year. The LP "In Search Of A new Dawn", released In June and the first pressing of this sold out in 3 months hardly without any distribution. Recording sessions of acoustic material for norwegian radio, Tromsø. The track "Banana Raincoat" released on cassette compilation "Escape From The Cage, Volume 1" by Auricle in the U.K. Unofficial concert appearance in Narvik, December.

1990: "In Search of A New Dawn" achieved excellent reviews in all of the european and american progressive rockpress, and has also been played on a lot of radio-stations in both Europe and U.S.A.. The track "Later Than Tile Pinworm-Era", released on compilation EP with Ptolemaic Terrascope-magazine in the U.K. The sold- out "Improvised Drop Outs" is re-released by Auricle (U.K. ). Lot of rehearsing. Concerts in nothern Norway in April and May. Very successful U.K.-tour in July. Recording 2nd LP for the Demi Monde-label in Foel Studios, Wales (July).

1991: The second pressing of  "In Search...." sold out. Svein Hugo leaves the band. Successful concerts in Italy in September. Hasse and Ronald playing acoustic concerts. Later this year Tangle Edge played and recorded a concert in Narvik for release in 1992.

1992: Concerts in Murmansk, Russia. Producing a one-hour TV program for the Kola-area, Russia. The triple-LP & double CD "Entangled Scorpio Entrance" released in June. The acoustic track "Half-moon flower" included on the sampler "Fun With Mushrooms" from Delerium records, U.K.. Released in December.

1993: Touring in the southern part of Norway in June. The long awaited "Eulogy" LP/CD finally released on Demi Monde Records in October and was met with appraisal from fans and press and won the band quite a few new listeners. Working on completing their private studio and rearranging tunes throughout the year.

1994: Spring tour in Denmark, Sweden and Southern Norway. Swedish festival appearance in August. Played a concert in Nothern Norway in early autumn. Recording of new album starts in October. "In Search of A New Dawn" re- released on Demi Monde on CD.

1995: Recording of new CD thoughout the year. Headlining a festival in Narvik. Two performances at Molde International Jazz Festival in July.

1996: Studio work on "Tarka". Experimenting with both new and old material.

1997: Concert in Bergen in May. Playing their new album live. "Tarka" released to Delerium Records. Tangle Edge once again receive excellent reviews. The album is played several times on "NRK", the norwegian national radio. A live-version of «Hesperus» released on a compilation EP with Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine.

1998: Lots of recordings throughout the year. Many improvisations, including what became the basic track for “Dxui”. The growing demand for information about the band, leads to the establishing of the "Dream Box", T.E.`s official web-site.

1999: Recording sessions for both composed material and improvisations throughout the year. The "track Karybdis" completed, but not released. The compilation "Turn Century Turn", which includes "Dxui", is released on the Mother West label.

2000:  Ronald and Hasse teams up with Tom Steinberg and forms the band ABDOULAYE CAMARA & SHANGO together with the guinean musician (and also dancer). They play concerts in winter and autumn and record a demo, consisting of two tunes in a kind of Tangled afro-fusion. Hasse and Tom records an hour of freely improvised material in Tromso. Tangle Edge rehearsals and recording sessions.

2001: Ronald and Hasse do some recording-attempts with T.E.-material. Abdoulaye Camara & Shango play concerts in both spring and autumn in Northern Norway. Hasse and Tom do more recordings sessions of free-form material in the summer in Narvik.

2002: Release of the live-CD "Sumerian Kings & Joyful Doubts" through the web-site, shows that the legend lives on and  T.E. is still gaining new listeners. Ronald, Hasse and Tom together with vocalist Steinar Johansen, debut their progressive blues-band, BLUE LYNX in June, and play concerts at clubs and festivals throughout the year to a great response. With roots in their early 80`s T.E.-style; Ronald, Hasse and Tom records four hours of improvisations in Tromsø in late June.

2003: More recording sessions with Ronald, Hasse and Tom in August producing hours of fresh material. Blue Lynx doing concerts in Northern Norway throughout the whole year.

2004: Recording sessions with Ronald, Hasse and Tom continues in July. Blue Lynx concerts in the spring. Release of the live – CD : "Cosmorama", a live recording from Italy 1991, is officially released through the band`s website in Desember.

2005: Tangle Edge recordingsessions in June and August. Lots of Blue Lynx rehearsals. The last ever Blue Lynx concert  with Steinar Johansen in April. Mixing of new album starts at the end of the year.

2006:  Mixing of new album continues. Tangle Edge recordingsessions throughout the year. New album "Serpentary Quarters" released on CD by Mellow Records in June and on LP by Tangle Edge Productions in December. Blue Lynx recording session in January.

2007: Recordingsessions throughout the year. Decision to do a similar project to BLUE LYNX, with Hasse on vocals Orjan Pleym on slide- and second guitar made.


2008: Kathamkaram LP released on Synesthetic Recordings in June. Recordingsessions throughout the year, but activities slowed down a bit towards the end of the year, when Tom broke his foot falling from a roof.


2009: The 45-inch vinyl-single Long Time Since I Saw An Egg/Ambrosia Paralells released by Synesthetic and Jan Inge Sommerseth in March. Recordingsessions throughout the year. From September it is evident that Tom`s foot is totally healed and a new period in the band`s creativity, hinted at in early simmer 2008, starts. Ronald and Hasse mixing the sessions from 1982-83 for future release.


2010: The Dropouts triple LP is released in August and on double CD in October ; both on Tangle Edge Productions. Recordingsessions throughout the year.


2011: Recordingsessions throughout the year. By the end of the year, the band starts working on a concert-repertoire. Ronald and Hasse start mixing on a new album.


2012: Recordingsessions and rehearsals continues. In march TE makes a deal with a festival in Norway to appear in October on the stage. Due to businessmatters, this will not be public until later in spring, when the festival officially announces festival-program.

 2002 Morten Qvam