Improvised Drop Outs


( Mushroom Production MRC 001- 1983)
  ( Auricle AMC 043- 1990) [ re- release]
Auricle/ Ultima Thule
Broken Heroes Are Hard To Drown 
New Refreshment 
Slow Essence/ Space Party 
Crash Ride
Escapement For The Twangy Man 
Extract From " Born To Bell" 
Resistance Resonance 
Scratches of Pain 
No Doubt 
Floating Art And Fender Flutes 
Electrified Variations Over The Bore 
       Cutaway View 
       Subjective Evaluation 
       A Walk For The Hero's Guitar 
       Deep Swimming Hog 
       Morning of The Scape Gallows 

" Ninety minutes of intensive instrumental psychedelic rock"

 The band:

Hasse Horrigmoe:
6- string bass, guitar, fuzz bass, bells, moog, triangles, tibetian bells finger cymbals, twin bells
Ronald Nygard:
Electric and acoustic guitars, moog, marimba, wood and bones, chinese gongs in water, electronics/ intrument treatments
Tom Steinberg:
Drums, ring modulator and synthesizer


Press information from Auricle:
Much in character with our Djam Karet and Moore/ Myers releases, this reissue of TANGLE EDGE's debut cassette ( remixed and with superior colour artwork) is a great excample of music in the classic Euro- Rock tradition. Although owing a debt to the psychedelic rock pioneers: guitar stylings that recall early Amon Duul 2 or Popol Vuh, etnic elements blending with intensive and dynamic rock, topped off with fiery guitars. A great delight! 


 2002 Morten Qvam