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Well, what`s to be said about this one? After our   return to the album scene, and with only great reviews of  Serpentary Quarters  in the progressive magazines, we saw by spring 2007 that we had material for another album. Synesthetic Recordings had approached us on the possibility of doing something together and we let the label put out our then latest efforts, which materialized in June 2008. This album comes from improvisation as much as Serpentary Quarters did. Perhaps it is more moody, and simultaneously draws lines from the past and creates the future for the band. The over 17-minute long Dance Of The Cantharides has a kind of Spanish, jazzy feel to it. It came out of a three-day session, where I created the bass-line on the sound-check and we agreed that it should be investigated further. At one point some kind of vibe occurred, and after some floating interludings, as you can hear, it was time for it to come, althougj the strong Spanish or Phrygian feel, emerged as the tune formed itself. Apart from the two guitar notes that opens it and an erased turnaround in the middle, what you hear is exactly what happened.


The two other tracks, were first takes from a weekend session otherwise spent on rehearsing a new composed material. But two times we let loose and went for something, and it came through, although we were not sure at the moment how useful they were going to be. We had strong contender saved from the June 2005 session, but it was Jan Inge Sommerseth who pointed out to me that these two were a step ahead of the usual expected Tangle Edge doings.


The second track on the album, Xerxes`Apposition , is a harder and more forceful kind of piece. Tom and me went out hard from the start and Ronald`s intense guitar is somewhat different than what usually comes along. The last, chanty-monk part, is mostly studio-work of guitar and synths. Preferably every Tangle Edge album should have an odd piece on it, and this part is the one. The last track, Glass Dryad, is an unused bass-theme from the Improvised Drop Outs sessions. I always liked it and after adding a bridge, I brought it to a session in March 2007 and thought we could use some time trying to develop it. I was wrong; the band nailed it in one take, unprepared! Only a few seconds of the performed floating intro is omitted and only a few percussion sounds are overdubbed at the closing of the track.Kathamkaram was to be released also on CD in 2008 when it originally came out, but problems occurred. Lots of promotional value was lost due to this, but it sold quite alright anyway. A CD and a download of this album will be executed in times to come.

Hasse Horrigmoe June 2010


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