LIMBA is a dance and drum group performing dances and rhythms from West Africa, mainly Guinea-Conakry andMali. The group has since 2001 given performances, workshops, courses for teachers students, arranged dance choreography for teenagers and theatre and countributed drums to musical theatre. The group has been taught by Abdoulaye Camara continuously through the years. They were founded in January 2000.


(From left: Sommerseth, Flage, Nisic, Mikalsen, Kufaas. Front: Horrigmoe)

The current line-up is:


Dancers: Trine Mikalsen, Sanja Nisic and Trine Flage

Drummers: Hasse Horrigmoe, Joern Kaare Sommerseth, Kjell Oluf Johansen, Unni Kufaas and Kari Roarsen


2012 Morten Qvam