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Tangle Edge's biggest musical influence    
Review  your favourite bands  All Music Guide
Rate your Tangle Edge albums  Amorokprog
Italian progressive newsletter  Arlequins
Explore the wonders of space rock  Aural Innovations
If you want to know more of norwegian music writers and bands  Ballade
The french progressive magazine Big Bang
Italian magazine  Blow Up
Jim Capaldi and related music- Hasse started this fanzine  Coloured Rain
The norwegian label  Colours
A site dedicated to albumcovers   The coversite
They probably stock the items you are looking for  Cranium Music
A world beat music group from San Diego  Damaru
German website  The Database of Psychedelic Rock Music
There's really not much more to tell, just get there  Delerium Records
A cool place to hang around for a while  Dirk's Friends of Prog
A team of progsters hosting  Dutch Progressive Rock Page
Spanish web- fanzine  El Mellotron
Index of  European Progressive Rock Reviews
Great magazine  Expose
Italian radiostation  From Genesis to Revalation
Norwegian music archive  FuzzLogic
American radio show  Gagliarchives
Hawkwind site  Hawkeye On Hawkwind
The spanish progressive rock web site  imaGina
Italian review site  INK Reviews
If you like instrumental music   Instrumental Music
Great american website   Jam Bands
Jazz club in Narvik  Jazzklubben
The place to buy your Tangle Edge records in the US  Luna Music
Ex- Tangerine Dream  Johannes Schmoelling
If you are into krautrock  Martin
The american label and home of Escapade  Mother West
Huge archive of reviews and articles  New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
Norwegian website with reviews  Musiq
Search for norwegian websites  Norwegian Band Index

Argentinian website. Great one! Nucleus

French Progsite  Proglavie

Lots of reviews and articles  Prog.net
Dirk Evans broadcasts  ProgRealAudio
Prog fans favourite albums  Prog Gnosis
Norwegian website- check it out  Progressive Rock from Norway
Spanish website progVisions
Not the kosmische egg, but the  Progressive Egg
Korean website   Progressive IN Progressive Music
Kristian Selm's provides you the latest news  Progressive Newsletter
The harder  we go, the faster  we go  Progressive Rock Links Express
One of the best around Progressive Rock Web Site
Download MP3- files of your favourite band  Progrock MP3 Listening booth
The ultimate site for links to bands  Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal
A guide to progressive music  Progressive World
A cool place  Psychedelic Music
The excellent magazine  Ptolemaic Terrascope
Steve Taaffe is into prog and psychedelia  Radio Free Kansas
Morten's favourite  Radio Never Say Die
The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Music  Recordmaster
All the links you'll ever need   Rene's Progressive Rock Pages
Brazilian website  Rock Progressivo Brazil
Search engine for a few Tangle Edge articles  RoJoRo
Norway's national radio, and # 1 radio show  HAL 9000
Copenhagen Space Rock Festival  Spacerock
Adam Strider's zine  with reviews  Strider News
Radio show at WRFL  The Trip
Audion Magazine and record label  Ultima Thule
Unger's Wonderful World of Progressive Rock  James' Homepage
Interesting french progsite  Whaleprog
 Huge archive of TRAFFIC and related music  Steve Winwood Fan's Site

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