October 25th 2010

The double-CD version of  DROPOUTS is out on Tangle Edge Productions.


August 4th 2010

The triple-LP DROPOUTS released on Tangle Edge


July 15th 2010

Welcome to the new OFFICIAL TANGLE EDGE web-site. You will find this very much like the old one, only with the new domain address tangleedgeofficial.com. The old address tangleedge.com, has been out of work for some time, because the host, NetHut, sold the domain without telling us. So we will not be dealing with any more unserious companies like them anymore.


February 18th 2007

The following sections are updated:

Discography (Rytmeposten 1994, Promotion tracks, Improvised Dropouts (Real player samples), Serpentary Quarters (Real player samples) and Free Music.


February 16th 2007

After a seven months delay from the German company pressing the album, Serpentary Quarters, was finally released on vinyl on the 16th of January. Together with a poster it includes a booklet containing History of Tangle Edge part 2. Part 1 is to be found in the vinyl version of Entangled Scorpio Entrance.

Hasse, Ronald and Tom have already material for 2-3 new studio albums. We will for the moment focus in releasing the 2CD Yunjan "Duos De Macabre: Watering The Issue" and another live CDR.

Those of you on our mailing list are now and then included in a sort of competition, where I pull out some names from Hasse's hat (which he used on the U.K. tour '90). The prize this time was an exclusive CDR (with artwork of Ronald) containing the tracks "Finnish or finnish" and "Slow goes the moose". These tracks will probably never be released. The following five persons on our mailing list won:

Vebjørn Lia- Norway, Harald Braseth- Norway, Jeff E. Brendel- USA, Alf Biggins- U.K. and Tormod Aas- Norway. Like one of the these wrote "This stuff is too good to not be released". To all of you, I've got some 70 hours of music, which I'm listening to and will deside what will be available on our "Free Music" section. 


June 22nd 2006

The new studio album- Serpentary Quarters- is finally out. The CD version can be ordered directly from Mellow Records, Italy. The vinly verseion has been delayed untill August. Pre- orders are still welcome of this. For more info about the new album or how to order, check out the "shop".

I've also included a new interview with the new line-up of Tangle Edge, which I did last week. This is to be found under "interview".

May 23rd 2006

    In memory of a brother



On April 18th we got the sad message that our dear friend and musical brother, Steinar Johansen, had passed away silently in his sleep. Steinar had bravely fought the battle with cancer for two years before it finally took his strength. Only three months before his passing, he spent a weekend rehearsing together with us in Blue Lynx, playing and singing at his best, as if nothing should have been bothering him. He will be deeply missed. Rest in peace, Steinar.

 Tom, Ronald and Hasse

December 2nd 2005  Some updates and news
A new studio release in April 2006 (probably also on high quality vinyl) with new material from 2002- 2005. Kjell Oluf Johansen is no longer available and Tom Steinberg has joined the band again on drums. The long awaited studio album with Cancalam and Pieces of A Dream Box will also be released in 2006, probably autumn. New material from 2005 are available from our "free music" section on our website. Hasse updates you on TANGLE EDGE these days in his message from 1st of December. Tangle Edge will be included on a Russian compilation CD.

I've also included a sampler from 2001 in our discography.

Finally! After almost two years our guestbook is working again. Until I've updated the link on all pages you could post a message from this link

December 1st 2005  Message from Hasse

Confirmed rumours of the resurrection. The monster has emerged.

It is with great joy, satisfaction and relief that I`m now able to announce that a full length Tangle Edge album of entirely new material will be released within the first quarter of 2006.

Apart from the two live albums containing vintage concert material on Tangle Edge Productions, we haven`t released anything new since the 10-minute track, «Dxui», on the compliation album «Turn Century Turn» in 1999. The activities of Ronald and myself after the last recording sessions with Kjell Oluf in November 2000 on an album that was the follow-up to «Tarka», has been going in various of directions, while maintaining what you might call Tangle Edge- personel inside of it.

We have on several occasions tried to finish that particular album (and we will do it, although  bit different than originally intended, within a year or so, you just wait and see.....), but have been distracted by everything from other musical activities to health problems. Anyway, in 1999 we viped the dust off the original Tangle Edge drummer Tom Steinberg when we started the progressive blues project «Blue Lynx», or «Tangled Blues» as it sometimes was described. This also led to «Tangled Africa», namely «Abdoulaye Camara & Shango». «Shango» was the original Tangle Edge line-up teaming up with Guinean musician Abdoulaye Camara putting in our stuff with west african traditional songs and drumming.

Tom and I also started to record some free-jazz influenced duos in 2000/2001, as a result of the increasing free-jazz element that had already found its place into Tangle Edge`s improvisational recording sessions in the late 90s. «Dxui» was a baby of this. Finally, in 2002 a recording session with Ronald, Tom and me -  aiming for a possibilty of finding back to what we had together in the first half of the 80s but now spiced with whatever we`ve achieved of the later years` experience -  took place in Tromsoe.

We of course did not know then exactly what would come out of this, nor was Kjell Oluf`s situation in the band clear at that time.But these efforts turned out to be the very first recordings by a new Tangle Edge line-up. Since then we have recorded every year, and to be able to feel that we have updated ourselves and staying in tune with our own current developments, we will now release an album exclusively containing material from the current line up. This will serve as a starting point for the continuation of the band`s official musical output. You will undoubtedly hear that the monster has emerged.

As for the technical details, it not clear right now if the new album will be on our own label or if it also will be available on vinyl. But it will be out before April arrives!! Additionally, I will mention that more vintage material will be released on CD and the «free music» section on our web-site will display interesting new studio recordings sometimes mixed with vintage live-stuff. Be aware!

Hasse Horrigmoe

Mars 1st 2005 New pages, music and release

Finally a new Tangle Edge live release is available. It's entitled "Cosmorama" and is from their live performances in Italy 1991. The CD is only available from this website. How to order check out our "shop" or "discography" section. Please note that "Solorgy" finally is available live, including a 3.5 minutes bass- solo..............so it wasn't just an illusion then. 

I've made some new pages and information as well. A brand new website for Hasse's and Ronald's blues band is finally finished. Please go to the "sideproject". You will get more info about the band and listen to their material. 

New music is also available from the "free music" section. One live recording of Blue Lynx and two new improvisations of Tangle Edge. Please note that Tom Steinberg is playing drums on these tracks. 

An interview with Hasse from 2003 in Nucleus is found under "interview". "The future of progressive music depends totally on your openmindedness!!!- Hasse”.

On Friday the 18th of February Ronald and Hasse appeared in concert at Telegrafen in Narvik with singer Torbjørn Daabach(leader of the project) and woodwind player Magne Schille doing a Tom Waits-tribute to an enthusiastic audience. This project is kind of a working unit and will be doing more concerts, including an appearance at the Winter-festival in Narvik on March 8th.


April 14th 2004  Still life

A couple of years since I last maintained the site. I won't bother you with too many excuses except that I've started in a new job, got a new house, numberous PC- viruses,  lots of new tye dyes and I've needed my regular dose of Dicks Picks (Grateful Dead) for a periode of time. For those who've signed up on our mailinglist have not received any mails, since a couple of PC viruses made me loose my adressebook. Therefor; please re- sign to the list. Thanks.

Anyway, lets summen up the year for the band and the band members. The album "Sumerian Kings" sold suprisingly well, eventhough with nearly none promotion and only available through this site. There will be another live release this year, and it will contain material from the Italy tour. The tracks are chosen and the cover sleeve is finished. Included will be a killer version of "Inside the Pagoda". The album will also this time ONLY be available from this website.

Regarding the new Tangle Edge studio album, the band has only once been in the studio working on the album. The main reason for this, is that Ronald and Hasse are trying out some new ideas and influences with their related bands. Abdoulaye Camara And Shango have broken up. Hasse is still though practising african drums with Kjell Oluf. This emerged to a one- month journey for Hasse to  Guinea-Conakry in West Africa learn the african drum djembe.

Hasse and Ronald are busy with their blues band Blue Lynx. More information about this band on "Sideprojects" .

Hasse and Ronald played some improvisation stuff together with Tangle Edge's orginal drummer Tom Steinberg. All sessions were recorded, and some of this will be available here. If you ask me, this is some of the most interesting stuff they've done in years, and if they give it the uppertunity to develope any further it could be their best material ever!! My intuition tells me this is the musical direction Tangle Edge will seek in the future.

Hasse and Tom Steinberg have done some free- jazz stuff, where they also recorded a CDR. The band is called Yuñjan and the CDR "Duos De Macabre". I have plans for making Blue Lynx, Yuñjan, Shango and some other stuff available from this site as RealAudio.

Hasse was interviewed in 2003 by a magazine in Argentina. I will make this available for the website. In this interview Hasse points out that Tangle Edge probably never will play live anymore!!!!

August 7th 2002  New Tangle Edge release
Finally it's here. "Sumerian Kings and Joyful Doubts" is finally released. This is a CD- R with 70 minutes of live music. Only available from this website. You can read more about it here


June 6th 2002  Tangle Edge on CD- R
We will release a live CD-R with 70 minutes of music. The album contains three tracks. Sumerian King/ Transcription (29 minutes) and Sun of Thuesday (9 minutes) should be familiar to those of you who have "Entangled Scorpio Entrance". Taken from the '94 tour you will though find these two versions somewhat different. The third track is the unreleased "The 'No Doubt' Trilogy" (29 minutes) (One of my favourites- Morten). This is a more spacey Tangle Edge. If you are on our mailing list you will be updated on the release.

June 5th 2002   Blue Lynx concert
On the 24th of June Hasse and Ronald played with Blue Lynx at Bjørn's Bar, Narvik. The concert's encore was a 25- 30 minute version of Canned Heat's Woodstock Boogie. Blue Lynx will also perform at Målselv Blues Festival in August.

May 11th 2002  Picture albums
Picture albums added. Check them out here  Picture albums

May 6th 2002  New tracks added
New tracks added in the "free music"- section

May 4th 2002  The Dream Box

The Dream Box was elected to "this week's music site" by Norwegain Band Index (Norway's premier website for norwegian band sites). Thanks Holger!

April 26th 2002 New pictures

New pictures from the U.K tour in 1990 added in setlists.

April 23th 2002  Competition winners

Now and then we have a competition for those who are signed to our mailinglist. The three lucky winners this time are;

1 t- shirt:  Richard Stockwell, New Zealand
1 t- shirt:  Brian K. Becker, USA
1 poster with autographs of Hasse, Kjell Oluf and Ronald: Nik Williams, UK (yes Nik, I thought you would be suprised- Morten :-)=  )

April 13th 2002  Pictures added

New pictures have been added in "Set lists 91". More information are included in "Side- projects" and I've included more reviews for each LP/CD release. Reviews are written in English, Italian and Norwegian.

April 12th 2002: Here is an update on Tangle Edge

The recording of a new CD has been an ongoing process- though heavily interrupted by solo projects and health problems- for a few years. But there has been fruitful recording sessions happening with necessary mastertakes since 1999. The last ones dating from summer 2001. But the biggest bulk of recordings is concidered as done. So you'll just have to wait.........

As a touring/ gigging ensemble Tangle Edge is not active at the moment, which you also can read out of the set- list section. All side- projects, among other reasons, is the cause of that fact.

Solo/ side- projects

Hasse and Ronald has been working with this project since february 2000. The band else includes Guinean Abdoulaye Camara on vocals, djembe and balafon and orginal Tangle Edge drummer Tom Steinberg. The band has been doing gigs in 2000 and 2001, and even some demo- recording sessions. Plans for gigs in 2002 are currently at work.

This blues band (no kidding) has been preparing for a long time and is ready to debut in June 2002. It consists of Ronald and Hasse plus Tom Steinberg (drums) and Sentralvaskeriet's June 1981 vocalist Steinar Johansen, who also plays harmonica and 2nd guitar. Demo- recordings have been done, and more is coming in May 2002.

Hasse and Tom have done recordings of several hours of free- form improvisations in the summers of 2000 and 2001 (There are no plans for gigs, but on the other hand teaming up with Ronald!!!). This music will be available later on this site. Be aware; it's wild and weird!!!

Hasse has since early 2000 worked with Guinean dancer , singer and intrumentalist Abdoulaye Camara on workshops, dance performances and concerts in Norway and Sweden, where Hasse play the West- African bass- drums; the doun doums. In January 2001 Hasse went to Guinea- Conakry, West Africa to study more about african drums and msuic. He has also taken up the brazilian berimbau.

Hasse and Kjell Oluf are working in Narvik playing african drums with this group, which are doing african dances. For a long periode it was just a weekly gathering of learning and having fun, but Limba started performing publicly in September 2001. It concist of eight people; three dancers and four drummers.

Hasse has guested in concert with Merete Steine Band, playing Iranian music! Hasse and Ronald guested at Tom Waits- tribute concert on 1st of March 2001 at Telegrafen, Narvik. The event was led by vocalist Torbjørn Daabach.

March 26th 2002: The "new" Dream Box  finally up!

With a new design and new sections we hope you will have a good time here. Make sure to post us a message in our guestbook before you leave. More news will come in a short periode of time.

May The Four Winds Blow You Safely Home.
- Morten Qvam 

 2002 Morten Qvam