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Entangled Scorpio Entrance
" Europe's premier experimental progressive/ psych combo" (Ptolemaic Terrascope, UK)
" Til tider går dette utenpå det meste som er gjort på plate i Norge før!" (Willy B., Norway)
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English reviews

Audion Magazine, November 1992 by Alan Freeman (England)

Well, it was up to the Norwegain's themselves to get a new Tangle Edge album out! With the Demi Monde release almost two years overdue, and it also seems that Delerium have cancelled their ideas of a vinyl release of LIVE IN THE PRESENCE OF APHRODITE, it was certainly a wise decision of mine to negotiate the reissue of the IMPROVED DROP OUTS cassette, else we'd all have been suffering from Tangle Edge withdrawal symptoms! Tangle Edge are a rare phenomena in contemporary rock music, an instrumenatal band with superb musical ability, capturing the spirit of the psychedelic era in a highly progressive blend of musics. If you haven't hear of Tangle Edge before I really enthuse that you read my introductory article in Audion # 13 and concert reviews in Audion # 16.

This new album, recorded live in concert at the Fossestua Discoteque in their home town of Narvik in Nothern Norway (1st November 1991) captures a very different sounding Tangle Edge that the UK concerts a year before. Gone is Svein Hugo Bergvik and the added coloration of flute and sax, and thus there's a change of focus to a more flowing and spacious style. This is especially evident on The Cryptic Empire and Walk of the Frozen Ones, almost lost are the Scandinavian folk-jazz references, and in their place greater emphasis on Ronald Nygard's effervescent guitar.

I suppose the most staggering aspect of Tangle Edge live is that at two hours there are only seven tracks here, the longest: Beyond the Hills of Inhibition is 28 1/2 minutes of unashamed indulgence. Most of the music here I'd experienced in embryonic form two years ago and it's really interesting to hear how things have developed, especially so pieces like Cancalam which is Fripp, Wetton and Bruford all over, or Pieces of a Dream Box which jumps almost schizophrenically from one theme to another, and Solorgy type theme is developed as pure ecstacy on Sumerian King.
Tangle Edge are certainly continuing to refine their sound and explore new musical avenues, and I'm sure they have many more suprises in store for us. How about a new studio album eh)? 

Acid Dragon  # 12, 1994 by Dean Suzuki (France)

Yet another example of fine neoprogressive/ psychedelic intrumental rock har turned up in the guise of TANGLE EDGE, a trio from Norway. This 2- CD set, which comes in a splendid multi- fold digipack, is full of gutsy space and psyche rock. Guitarist Ronald NYGARD manages to capture the sonic essence of the psychedelic era with a guitar sound (though not style) that is somewhere between Jorma KAUKONEN and Jerry GARCIA. The band as a whole is closer to the German space rock tradition of ASH RA TEMPLE or GURU GURU. For those who like extended compositions and jams, the shortest of the seven tracks is just over nine minutes, while the longest clocks in at twenty- eight and a half minutes.While they never shoot for the compositional complexity of a suite by YES or ELP, the extended works are clearly sectional, tacking on new riffs, licks and moods in each movement or part.

TANGLE EDGE goes for the solar plexus by issuing a live recording, which gives the music an unexpurgated vitality, spontaneity and directness. True to tradition, TANGLE EDGE invokes the East, India in particular, though modal melodies and exotic percussion (drummer Kjell Oluf JOHANSEN performs on Turkish drums, log drum, talking drum and miscellaneous percussion, in addition to drum set). Part 4: (" Durra Durra")from " Beyond the Hills of Inhibition" is a fine example of " raga rock" while Part 5: (" Eidolon") exhibits African inspired rhythms and colours. Put on this disc and close your eyes and you'll swear you pulled it out of the import bins from 1969. 

Ptolemaic Terrascope Fall 1992 by Phil McMullen (England)

The price tag of £20 reflects not so much the parlous state of the Norwegian economy as the sheer quality of this CD release from Europe's premier experimental progressive/ psych combo. Engulfed in in a splendid cardboard triptych- like affair that makes a mockery of most major- label CD releases, Tangle Edge's privately released "Entangled Scorpio Entrance" is a live recording from late 1991 which is also being put out as a triple LP by Norway's Colours label: the first ever triple LP set to be released in Norway in fact, a visually stunning affair complete with historical booklet, limited to 750 copies which I am assured are sold out already. This is not, I hasten to add, the long- promised new studio LP recorded for and promised by the Demi Monde label; not for the first time, cowboy antics have caused the indians to rise up and strike out on thier own, and the dance they perform is awesome to behold. Now reduced to a three- piece outfit consisting of bass player Hasse Horrigmoe and co- pilot guitarist Ronald Nygård with Kjell Oluf Johansen in the drums & percussion seat, Tangle Edge are nevertheless quite simply an extraordinary band, performing lengthy intrumental pieces which mix so many cultural influences that unless you are already Tangled will come as a complete revelation to the average listener.

Naming particular tracks as being better than any other is a nonsense, particularly as each weave their own magical spell which like all trips have their ups and downs; if pressed however I'd have to say that Side Three's opener "Beyond The Hills Of Inhibition", split seamlessly into five discrete segs, is a particular favourite as it showcases each individial talent in its own dreamy light without once reverting to self- immolation- and because it is one of their newer numbers, previously unheard by fans who have collected live tapes of the UK minitour in 1991. Hasse told me the song took nine months to settle down into the shape that we hear on this release, and the band still aren't certain that it's this version which will find its way onto their next studio release, work on which should be starting around the time that this magazine is published. Otherwise, all your favourites are here; "The Cryptic Empire", "Walk Of The Frozen Ones" with its gorgeous centrepiece "The Revocation"- two hours worth of fine music which at once challenges and disarms. Love it. 

Enlightened Chaos # 25, USA 1993 by Ray Dorsey

TANGLE EDGE is from Norway, and are a 3- piece (guitar- Ronald Nygård; Hasse on bass; punishing the drums- Kjell Oluf Johansen). In 1992, they issued this sterling double CD/ 3LP set that it some of the best heavy, intrumental music available. A live recording, "Entangled...." features the band moving through an assortment of LONG cuts which involve lots of smoking lead guitar jamming from Ronald and also really nice song- structure, particularily in "Beyond The Hills Of Inhibition", and "Walk Of The Frozen Ones" (Godly title, don't you think?!) with their many flowing, sub- titled sections. Indeed, you get caught up in this band's psychedelic web and forget any notion that 20- minutes cuts would ever be boring. If you're wrapped up in mindless MTV fare, don't bother, but if you like your music progressive, heavy and full of DEADLY GUITAR, sit back and let TANGLE EDGE carry you away to the frozen north

NOTE: I might make great mention of the fact that the packaging of this set is simply beautiful of icing on the cake, since the album itself totally rules. This is a band who TRULY seems to care about their fans, a rareity in this day and age.

Italian reviews

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Norwegian reviews

Rock Furore # 3/ 92 av Willy B.

Ikke alle blir profeter i sitt eget land, er det noe som heter, og dette skulle passe svært godt på Narviksgruppa Tangle Edge (jfr. intervju s.56). Progrock har vært "out" i de aller flestes øyne siden punken gjorde sin entre, men Tangle Edge ignorerer dette fullstendig. For sikkerhets skyld leverer de Norges første tredoble live- LP (og kanskje den siste i verden!). Verket er dessuten tilgjengelig på dobbelt- CD, men bare med LP- utgaven følger dagbok over bandets karriere.

Live- settet ble innspilt 1. november i fjor på Fossestua Discoteque, Narvik, Norway. Tangle Edge stiller seg virkelig lagelig til for hugg, jeg mener, en trio bestående av gitar, bass og trommer som fremfører nesten to timer intrumentalmusikk...Konserten er tatt opp på en to- spors DAT, hvilket ikke gir muligheter til remiks og juksepålegg. Dessuten oppfatter man feil adskillig lettere hjemme i stua enn på selve konsertstedet. Tross alt er resultatet overraskende vellykket. Komposisjonene, det rent samspillmessige og til og med lyden fungerer stort sett bra. Enkelte steder kan man merke småforandringer på volumet mellom intrumentene, men uten vesentlig betydning for helheten.

Det støre høydepunktet på disse platene er et tjueåtteogethalvt minutt langt kutt ved navn "Beyond The Hills Of Inhibition". Der er delt i fem deler, og hver enkelt del skiller seg sterkt fra de forestående. Her er spenning og dynamikk, etsende soloer og et presist og svingende samspill. Til tider går dette utenpå på det meste som er gjort på plate i Norge før! Jeg kunne ha skrevet omtrent det samme om resten av materialet og. Noen steder kan det bli vel monotont, og noen inntramminger hadde gjort seg. Uansett blir det aldri kjedelig, retningsløs jamming, ei heller lirende, uinteressante se-så-flink-jeg-er-til-å-spille soloer. De som leter, finner massevis av interesse her. To timers instrumentalmusikk er mye på en gang (det er mye selv med vokal), så denne pakka bør nok nytes i porsjoner. Forøvrig er innpakningen upåklagelig, til og med CD- utgaven er en studie i skjønnhet!

 2002 Morten Qvam