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At the beginning of August 2002, we are glad to be able to present you a brand new live- CD- release, entitled “SUMERIAN KINGS AND JOYFUL DOUBTS”, containing performances from Tangle Edge- concerts in 1993 & 1994.

This will mark the beginning of a more official way of presenting material from the vaults, be it live performances or overlooked studio gems. The earlier “Tangle Edge Tapes” are not longer available, but much of what was included there, will hopefully find its way – with superior sound quality - into this new concept.

These web-site only releases will be manufactured as CD-Rs, different from the normally distributed CDs released on Delerium and other labels. I was not very keen myself on doing CD-Rs when we first started the production on “Sumerian…”, even if I knew that other serious and good artists are doing it. But after mixing and producing the CD and finally watching Ronald`s brilliant art-work, I find that this is really an easy way to make good material available, with full control on the finished product and also without problems in connection with manufacturing and availability. We only use high-quality CD-Rs and sleeve printing facilities, so these releases should be of a high standard. Nevertheless, it must be mentioned that the idea-maker, lobbyist, enthusiast and real pain-in-the-ass behind all this is  Morten Qvam, who we thank very much for his efforts and hereby dedicate this album to.

Speaking of the material chosen for this first release, it was mostly obvious for ourselves that it had to be taken from 1993-95, considering both material and DAT-recordings. First we went for “The Glorious `No Doubt` - Trilogy”, which we so far haven`t attempted at a studio recording of. Also, “Sumerian King/Transcription From An Unknown Decade`s End” with  many drum parts and also some bass altered from the more known “Entangled…”-version, was a tune we started to record in the studio in late 1994 ( before switching to “Beyond The Hills Of Inhibition”, which finally became “Tarka”), but soon dropped. So now you can hear what it evolved to during 1992-93. The concert we did in Odense, Denmark in June `94, was mostly well performed, so we chose to use basically the versions from there. The recording is clear and well balanced, I`d say. In the middle of the last part of “No Doubt”, Ronald broke a string and had to change, so Kjell and I went into a not-so-interesting bass & drum duet, which I think also disturbed his drum solo, which in this tune would be supported by Ronald`s other worldly guitar-sounds. Therefore we have replaced this with the same part from the concert in Oslo, Norway, a few days earlier. The sound quality on that bit is not as good as Odense and contains a few maybe-audible clicks, but I think the music stands up well and the injection saves a good version. A similar move is done in the spacey part of “Transcription…”. This was because the playing wasn`t at all satisfactory compared to the rest of the tune. The substitute bit is from the day before, at Café Rust in Copenhagen (Denmark, of course) was something Morten had been raving about for months, while listening constantly to the tapes. That leaves us with the CD`s final track, ”The Sun Of Tuesday”, the encore from a small festival at Arendal Internasjonale Kultursenter (Norway), which we headlined at in June `93. It has an improvised intro because we had just left the old one and hadn`t finished the final that we debuted in `94.

Listening back to old tapes always brings back memories, and often for the musicians responsible, some serious doubts about if the performances were any good. There`s always a strong tendency to find lots of “faults” that nobody else is able to detect. After such misperceptions are overcome, one is able to relax and start discriminating the stuff that works from the crap and eventually get down to the business of making choices. And from then it`s mostly fun and pleasant memories appears as a constant stream while you work with the material. My favourite memory from all these gigs are of one of the guys who belonged to the arrangement team in Odense, obviously a big music fan. I was told he hadn`t touched any drug or tasted any alcohol that day. When we came off the stage after the encore he met us smiling with his eyes wide open and really shining like stars. He just said to me, totally excited: “ I see colours!!! I see things!!!”. That was all he was able to utter due to the state he was in after listening to us! Makes all your efforts worthwhile, doesn`t it?

Well, as I said, here`s the first one…


Hasse Horrigmoe, August 4th,2002.

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2002 Morten Qvam