Tangled Up In Norway

(SR- 20002) 


Hasse let's you in on the facts



TANGLED UP IN NORWAY- Sonic Residue SR-20002, commented by Hasse:  

This not an official Tangle Edge release, but an illegal bootleg we suddenly found out were distributed in USA and Europe(and maybe other parts of the world). We do believe that we have traced it`s origins to Norway and I have a suspicion about who`s the responsible. However, the recording on this CD is not taken from Verdensteatret in Narvik in 1981 as stated on the tray, but from our concert at Take Two in Sheffield, UK on July 6th 1990, although you never know if the error could be intentional. There are many copies of  Sheffield tapes circulating on the illegal market, because the concert was recorded both by our own man Jan Inge Sommerseth and one of the organizers of the event. Two of the songtitles are fake; “Riding On Hyakutake Pt. I & II” is “Transcription From An Unknown  Decade`s End” and “Room Of The Curtains” is “Walk Of The Frozen Ones” (parts 2-4). The artwork is fairly alright, I must say, all in the spirit of Tangle Edge sleeves, although a bit unprofessionally executed. Also, the sound quality is listenable, but the speed is not accurate. Because this is a bootleg, we do not receive any money from it`s sales, so I should not really advise anybody to buy it, but knowing from myself; if you like the music, you`ll buy it anyway.

2002 Morten Qvam